The day after the presentation. Some of the colour has gone, faded. And yet also a relief…what next?


The day of the conference, things are hotting up – we have a fire alarm at 6:40 – everybody out!

The time it took to check it wasn’t my phone going off – to get dressed, to lock my door after me…about the same as others, standing in the frost.

 I learn later that some others didn’t  leave their room.

All excellent presentations today and one guy, Peter Hanley, said ‘thinking of spirits doesn’t make you mad!’ Apparently there’s some work by the Institute of Psychiatry…

Good to see both Pauls, (Paul Farmer and Paul Litchfield) to be part of the team, to feel accepted inspite of my apparent insanity…even to be tweeted!

Blog – Thursday 25th February 2016