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Acute Psychotic Episode III – When the Change Came

A good humoured story of breakdown and recovery. Steve Walter (a Time to Change Champion) shares his personal experience of bipolar disorder over twenty years through a blend of performed spoken word, music, poetry and song.

Steve is writer, poet, and performer and he delivers the show with singer/songwriter and award winning poet, Steve Antoni, and this year teams up with actor, artist and life coach Deborah Blake who has experience playing both contemporary & classical roles in theatre, film and television.

Steve’s first breakdown was in 1997 when it took months before he was fully rehabilitated back into a ‘normal’ working life.

He first performed his autobiographical work An Acute Psychotic Episode in the Brighton Fringe in 2008, and the following year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Steve is by day a Health and Safety Manager and he brings his knowledge of occupational health and mental health to underpin his story.

His vision is for mental health to be discussed openly, without fear of stigma or gossip, over a coffee, over a pint, anywhere in the country.

He has given many presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as running his own training programmes on mental health. He is an associate with the Business Disability Forum and Business Disability International.

He first published his autobiographical memoir, Fast Train Approaching…with Chipmunka Publishing in 2007, followed by Voices, mental health survivors, carers, therapist, family and friends in 2012 which shared other people’s stories, and most recently (December 2016) his first independently published collection of poetry, When the Change Came, with Indigo Dreams.


Acute Psychotic Episode III – When the Change Came is showing at the Komedia Studio Theatre on Sunday 7th May at 2pm and Sunday 4th June also at 2pm.

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And we speak of memories, Mum, Dad…


Flame leaves only this
pouring through our fingers
racing to the ground.



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