Acute Psychotic Episode (III) – When the Change Came

A brief but profound disorder of the mind


Steve Walter returns with the latest episode of his show from the Edinburgh Fringe. The performance fuses powerful, frank, and in places disturbing, moments from breakdown to resilience and recovery.

Edinburgh Evening News – 4* stars: An Acute Psychotic Episode II, Edinburgh Fringe…

“…the audience is drawn into a powerful, emotional journey executed with passion and surety of purpose. Walter soars beyond the pitfalls of the self-obsessed misery memoir describing instead a small but important history of a human triumph. The blend of poetry, self-confessional prose and performance is hugely enhanced by the music and song of Steve Antoni, whose contribution effortlessly switches the pace and tone of the performance without ever losing the theme.”

 Psychosis: characterized by loss of insight, with symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

Delusions: false beliefs, totally out of keeping with a person’s social and religious background, but held with complete conviction.



We live in the middle distance
we experience the immediate past,
our now has already happened.
When I begin to smile
you have already laughed.

When I dream, you are only
playing with the neurons in my brain
the ten to the power of fourteen
connections which tell me this is good.

And you hold me, hold me close
as hard as I hold you
and our immediate futures
are scattered like raindrops
across the taut skin of universal skies.


NB Sunday 7th May at 2pm  Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 begins on Monday 8th May. And then again on Sunday 4th June at 2pm…In support of Time to Change

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Steve’s memoir, Fast train approaching… and Voices are both available from Amazon and and When the Change Came through Indigo Dreams Publishing


Image created by Ellen Montelius


There are many subtle energies which influence our lives and our becoming, and may be inspiration for the sensitive…




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