Think! What do you need to do to promote good mental health in your business? Remember, the paybacks are considerable, especially in terms of individual loyalty and commitment, creativity and productivity.

mental health awareness training – mental health and work

Steve offers dynamic and interactive training, crucially drawing upon his personal experience of breakdown and rehabilitation back into work. His sessions cover a wide range of mental health problems and issues in the context of disability,overcoming stigma, and return to work following absence. He makes time to discuss a variety of business issues surrounding mental health problems such as communications, etiquette and finding solutions.

Learning outcomes

This training will enable participants to:

  • discuss and ask questions in a relaxed environment
  • understand the language, nature and variety of mental health problems
  • understand the facts on mental ill health and appreciate the role that attitudes play and how they need to be shaped.
  • make appropriate reasonable adjustments to help facilitate return to work, following absence related to mental health problems.

“Steve is an excellent trainer adding humour to a hitherto taboo subject which allowed our staff to engage in open and honest discussion. Steve’s insight, through personal experience, engages the delegates in the many issues surrounding mental ill-health in the workplace and provides a greater awareness and understanding of such a complex issue”

Nils Kendall, Head of HR, Employers’ Forum on Disability.

See the link to the Employers’ Forum on Disability

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