Following our success in Brighton in 2008, An Acute Psychotic Episode (II) played at theEdinburgh Festival Fringe, from Saturday 8th to Sunday 16th August 2009 at The Vault, Annexeto an audience of over 120 people.

Visit the microsite: An Acute Psychotic Episode (II) for reviews and comments including 4* four stars from the Edinburgh Evening News.

Good humoured, confessional, raw, honest, poetic & in parts shocking – based on Fast Train Approaching…Steve Walter’s personal account of nervous breakdown challenges common perceptions.

Also featuringsinger/songwriter Steve Antoni

AN ACUTE PSYCHOTIC EPISODE – a brief but profound disorder of the mind

For me it all began when I discovered something very strange and crunchy in my cappuccino…

Psychosis:characterised by loss of insight, with symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

Delusions: false beliefs, totally out of keeping with a person’s social and religious background, but held with complete conviction.

1 in 4 of us will experience some kind of mental health problem (tho’ typically much less severe than the psychoses which affect around 1 in 100).

My vision is one of mental ill health being discussed freely in every part of the country, over coffee, over a pint, without stigma, judgement or gossip.

What they said about An Acute Psychotic Episode at the Brighton Festival Fringe 2008:

  • Loved it – sensitive – simple, beautiful, emotional – thanks so much for bringing your show to us.
  • Brilliant – thank you & good luck for your future performances – great message, keep spreading the word!
  • I am rarely moved enough to leave words in a comments book. However, your performance was so moving and clear that I cannot go without saying thank you. Wonderful stuff.
  • Well done! That was great. I was in Ticehurst YPU BLUE winter ’98 – childhood schizophrenia! – I could have met you! You are very perceptive of mental health and treatments! You are not alone!
  • Hey I’d like to say well done and I think you’re very brave and are a credit to all us mental health sufferers out there. I was in Ticehurst with schizoid personality disorder & psychosis so you’re definitely not alone.
  • The performance was excellent and I found reassuring that people have the chance to hear such personal experience. Thank you for sharing.
  • More expressive arts for mental health promotion – well done – great performance.

…there are many subtle energies which influence our lives and our becoming, and may be the inspiration of the sensitive.

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