Over a week later and I am acutely aware of the ache of absence, a deepening sense of loss. But I don’t have to worry about her any more. No more trips to the hospital or the Home. I will always remember her beaming smile at her soft toy, Peter Rabbit, even while dying in the hospital bed.

And yet, it all feels different to Ted’s death. He was taken too early. His presence has always been strongly connected, rooted with us. Now it’s as if they have flown away together, leaving us strangely more content.

We have several of Hazels’s paintings, yet many, many more are a delight for all their owners throughout the south-east and other parts of the country…like these geraniums, capturing a certain sense of light…

In the Conservatory, Springfield, Rye
In the Conservatory, Springfield, Rye

…and for this we can give thanks for her life, celebrate her joy in her art



Blog – Sunday 30th October 2016