How many years ago did I read this Jung: ‘Synchronicity
An Acausal Connecting Principle’? I remember
we shared that caravan by the stream in the valley
beneath Llyn Mawr and a circle of standing stones.

How we would listen to the sound of water over stone,
to the distant cries of buzzard and raven.
Strange that today everything seems more significant
even the road signs: Keep Left; Ahead Only; Men Working.

And all she does is pause, forgetting everything
as if in meditation, it comes to her – the picture
of the place where her keys, map, or glasses
are hiding, where she put them last, where they happen to be.

I found her photograph during the move, in the middle
of losing things, I held her in my hand, creased,
for a moment I lost her smile, but thinking of us
in front of the camera – the timer running – made me laugh out loud.

© Steve Walter

Smiths Knoll 30, April 2003

The Art of Finding Things