Some books I find interesting…

A Return to Love: Reflections on the principles of A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson,Thorsons’1996 (ISBN 0 7225 3299 7)

All in the Mind, Alistair Campbell

An Introduction to English Poetry, James Fenton, Viking 2002 (ISBN 0 670 91100 3)

Ancient Wisdom, Modern World, Ethics for a new millennium, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a Little, Brown and Company, 1999, (ISBN 0 316 91428 2)

The Alchemist: a fable about following your dream, Paulo Coelho, Thorsons, London W6, 1995 (first published by Editora Rocco Ltd 1988) (ISBN 0 7255 3293 8)

Beyond Supernature: A new history of the supernatural,Lyall Watson, 1986, Hodder and Stoughton, (ISBN 0 340 38824 2)

Chi Kung: energy for life, an introduction to the art of cultivating your energy, James MacRitchie,Thorsons, London W6 2002 (0 00 714568 3)

Freedom in Exile: the autobiography of the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Abacus, 1998 (ISBN 0 349 11111 1)

Lifetide, Lyall Watson, 1979, Hodder and Stoughton, (ISBN 0 340 23119 X)

Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela, 1996 Abacus (ISBN 0 349 10653 3)

On Men Masculinity in Crisis, Anthony Clare, 2001, Arrow Books, (ISBN 0 09 941614 X)

The Heart of Thoreau’s Journals, edited by Odell Shepard, Dover Publications, New York, 1961 (revised from 1927)

The Legacy of Luna: the story of a tree, a woman, and the struggle to save the redwoods, Julia Butterfly Hill, HarperSanFrancisco, 2000 (ISBN 0 06 251659 0)

No Immediate Danger: prognosis for a radioactive earth, Rosalie Bertell, The Women’s Press, E1 London,1985 (ISBN 0 7043 3934 X).

Rainbow Warrior: the French attempt to sink Greenpeace, by The Sunday Times Insight Team, Arrow Books Ltd, 1986 (ISBN 0 09 947720 3).

Safe Passage into the Twenty-First Century: The United Nations’ Quest for Peace, Equality, Justice and Development, Robert Muller and Douglas Roche, Continuum, New York 1995 (ISBN 0 8264 0866 4)

Silent Spring ‘…what we have to face is not an occasional dose of poison which has accidentally got into some article of food, but a persistent and continuous poisoning of the whole human environment…’ Rachel Carson, Penguin Books, 1972 (ISBN14 002268 6)

Thinking like a Mountain: towards a council of all beings, John Seed, Joanna MAcy, Pat Fleming, Arne Naess, 1988, New Society Publishers, Philadelphia, (ISBN 0 86571 133 X)

Tree Wisdom: The definitive guidebook to the myth, folklore and healing power of trees, byJacqueline Memory Paterson, published by Element 2002 (ISBN 0 7225 3408 6)

Wild reckoning: an anthology provoked by Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, edited by John Burnside and Maurice Riordan, preface by Jonathan Bate, with new poems from Seamus Heaney, Andrew Motion, Mark Doty, Paul Muldoon and many others, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, London W1B, 2004 (ISBN 1 903080 00 2).

© Steve Walter