Welcome to making connections matter, the site inspired by the human condition on planet earth and concerned with creativity, sustainability and spirit.

M©M, making connections matter, draws on experience. It is a personal brand with several meanings:

  • the infinite becoming finite, spirit becoming real
  • M©M* is a huge number, extra-universal
  • creative thought, poetry, bringing ideas to life
  • mind making sense of the reality we think we know
  • bridging the millennium, 1900 (MCM) through the present, to 2100
  • connections spanning centuries, grandparents, parents, child
  • supporting the growing network of people concerned for the environmental and humanitarian impact of their purchasing decisions.

*M©M is a representation of the logo, (where the © stands for the central italicised superscript ‘c’ of the logo). As Roman numerals, if read simply as MCM, it stands for the year 1900. But if read, as in the logo, as a mathematical expression (with the lower case italicised ‘c’ representing 100, raised as a power, and the M representing1000 and also multiplying), it becomes a very large number (1000 multiplied by 1000 one hundred times, multiplied by another 1000. It works out to ten to the power of 303 – that’s 1 with three hundred and three zeros after it!!!).

If you look through this website you’ll discover that M©M is a bigger number than you may at first think. Big enough to describe a new dimension, another world…

As well as being a mega number, M©M is also the abbreviation for ‘making connections matter’ which is about inspiration, creativity, bringing ideas, arising in thoughts – through connections in the brain – to life. making connections matter derives from the connections which exist between all living things since the origins of time and space, and through centuries, connecting millennia.

If you have any comments, thoughts or queries on this website please emailsteve@makingconnectionsmatter.org

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