In July I had the privilege of taking part in the Rusthall Community Play: Legends of the Rocks with 40 or so other willing and eager volunteers, together on the sands at Toad Rock, Rusthall. The play was devised with the local community and others, and directed by Jon Oram.

I was fortunate enough to have the role of First Dreamer, describing the creation of the universe, and more or less held my lines…

King Swelter et al

The Stone People

It is time, time to awaken

the people of stone.

Unearth us, be with us

as we gather to be reborn.

From within the ground

there is a growing sound:

the resonance of stone


Stone souls speak ancient

wisdom, hold a certain frequency –

stone formed, shaped

from the heart of earth.

We are the people of stone,

our flesh is stone,


we live stone, we breathe stone,

stone is our eternal secret.

Rock of nerve, of blood, of bone,

of rock and stone – a quickening…

We are the stone people –

see our faces in the rock!

To Jon
You took us through so many paces
From the dawn of time to climate action
Giving birth to the stone people
And we loved your magic among the rocks
Such words, such music, such legends
Weaving a backdrop of community
Enveloping emotion, to drink sadness, joy
Raising a voice, new identities
All before an audience, shared moments
The miracle of the page in three dimensions.
Thank you for helping us discover ‘Not Yet’.

(‘Not yet’ meaning, in paraphrase, that we have not yet reached our full potential, and all have something to learn, everyday.)

Legends of the Rocks