It is enough


to sit, to think, to be

to know your presence

in the length of time


that brought you here

and to acknowledge

your final passing…




Writing in Mum’s notebook


Your words beyond the grave

Who to invite to his funeral

My children’s instructions

On how to operate

The TV remote, the mobile

Which key goes where…






The bright, lidded sky, fixes the sun

hides the bitter truth

of many a last breath

and we wonder

what next, ‘will it be me?’






No longer counting the wine,

the beers, or the whiskey,

only the decibel crash

of empty bottles and cans

pouring into the recycling!






In the hospital grounds

Summer is full to bursting

the plants turgid, vigorous

staging borders of colour


while all around grass is ablaze

or shouting from the shadows.

He contemplates the moment


alone, questioning ‘Am I stable,

will I return, and when, and how?’




Day 19


The sun has given us another day,

we drink water, tea, eat breakfast –

so many hours to play with –

while somewhere in the middle distance

they are fighting for her life.


Day 23


Carried on the breeze

elements of love.


Day 29


Is yet to come.



It is enough…