I feel like an advocado being cut open to remove the stone
I don’t feel the knife…
IĀ feel the sudden, smooth, slick emptiness
I feel as if I have neglected my dreams
I feel the opposite of an oyster treasuring her pearl
I feel my imagination mushed into guacamole
I feel a profound doubt that what I thought was right, is right
I feel a stranger to myself
I feel afraid of the opposite of dreams
I feel amazed at how I feel
I feel a host of new beginnings entering the space
I feel new connections, a sensitivity, new form of being
I feel opportunities may arise
I feel exhausted.

I feel hungry for some resolution
I feel divided
I feel dew beneath my feet
I feel the dying heat of a camp fire at dawn
I feel the edge of bark in a forest
I feel the joy of being alive
I feel the first touch of sunshine
I feel wide open to the invisible stars.


…with acknowledgement to Denise Duhamel

I feel