Friend of the Earth, an Apology


Forgive me, I confess: I have a house, gas central heating

and a car. Well, two cars, one older which I use for work.


I have a motorbike (hardly used) and a pushbike,

used a little bit more…


I eat out, I eat sandwiches from Pret,

I eat takeaways, and other fast food,


I eat vegetables and fruit, often from abroad,

I eat meat (but I’m trying to cut down).


Sometimes I even eat hamburgers (oh yes, and chocolate!)

I drink occasional cans of beer, bottles of wine.


I may eat soya, tofu (but what of plantations?)

the future: insects, seaweed and mycoprotein?


And I fly, or drive away, on holidays.

But offset carbon, medium, or long haul.


I take showers, but not baths.

I recycle what I can, I drive to the tip,


donate to charity shops, use litter bins.

I buy clothes, presents, smartphones,


I have a TV, HiFi, WiFi, electric light,

dishwasher, kettle, toaster, washing machine.


I have a refrigerator, and an oven…

but I care about the planet.


I think I have consumed palm oil, without my knowing,

and (which is worse?) microplastics in my toothpaste.


I have children…I even have a grandchild!


I belong to Greenpeace, the Kent Wildlife Trust, Soil

Association, Big Issue Foundation, Woodland Trust, Amnesty,


and, of course, Friends of the Earth.

I am far from perfect, but I care about our planet…


© Steve Walter

Friend of the Earth, An Apology