connections spanning centuries, grandparents, parents, child

The roots of M©M go back for me to my grandparents, born around 1900 (MCM). Most of us remember our grandparents, some our great or even great, great grandparents. There are profound connections through families, from grandparents, toparents, then to yourself as a child, through to your children and your children’s children.

If all is well in life, you may know everyone of these generations within your own family. Current, younger generations have bridged the millennium (MM) and our grandchildren, especially if they are yet to be born, may survive through to the turning of the next century 2100 (MMC).

Often it seems that this link through generations continues even after death. making connections matter is also about this connection between the spirit world and the material world, through those who are known, especially family, our own flesh and blood, connecting with us in spirit. And our friends, close friends, linking through spirit to greater love.

making connections matter – spirit becoming real.

While M©M was growing with me in 1997 I took inspiration from my dead grandparents (especially my maternal grandmother) as if I were tapping energy from a source outside of myself, as if it were spirit bringing a deeper understanding of life.

For me making connections matter is about keeping a clear perspective on reality while being inspired through connecting with the eternal, profound moment of existence. It is about spirit in a material world.

More recently, inJuly 2004, I experienced a repeat of previous breakdowns. Once again, although frightening at times, it were as if I were more open to the source of my creativity (or Muse). Much of what I have written about, in terms of creativity and connections, came alive, was energised, setting the world in an even more profound, spiritual context.

Bridging the millennium: 1900 (MCM) through the present to 2100