Trump Inauguration

This is it. Living, or dying, through history.

When a member of the audience was asked how Trump might unite the USA, she said, – ‘I certainly think that’s an area of opportunity for him right now…’

Michelle Obama formerly a successful lawyer, like Hilary Clinton and Cheri Blair come to that. What a great First Lady she’s been. Cheers for a reluctant Melania Trump. Jo Biden and Barack Obama will not be leaving politics…just yet.

And here he comes swaggering with a bright red tie, too long, too bright reflecting orange in his face. Shop windows are smashing in the background. Michael Richard Pence in a blue tie and exceedingly white hair. A conservative hard-right turn.

And he appears, with a thumbs up, kisses his wife…and Michelle! People clapping, thousands of them, but nothing like Obama in 2009. ‘With malice toward none and charity to all’, Lincoln.

Obama’s eyes shut in prayer, Trump’s flickering, partly open.

Later: let the USA be a beacon to all – prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. And there are choirs. Feels like church.

Chuck Schumer, bigging up the USA. Now the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – hooray he’s black! – to administer the oath…to support and defend the constitution of the United States…first Mike Pence as VP. Lots of singing and flags. Then Donald John Trump to take the oath of office as the 45th president (but sworn in by a white guy). Patting Obama on the back, waving to the crowds with the nuclear codes – 21 gun salute.

And he says ‘Thank you’ ‘a great national effort to rebuild our country…we will get the job done…’ It begins to rain. ‘Giving power back to the people…today will be the day the people became the rulers of this country again…’ A black, female member of the military brings an umbrella to one of the dignitaries ‘…spent trillions of dollars overseas while our infrastructure has fallen into decay…’ The rain seems to have lessened. ‘…only America first!… will never, ever let you down…we will shine, for everyone to follow…we will eradicate radical Islamic terrorism…we will be protected by God!…we all bleed the same red blood of patriots…you will never be ignored again…’ More prayers, so help me God – the seconds tick on.


No real thanks. No gratitude. No bridges. No love.


The White House webpages on climate change and LGBT issues are some of the first to go.


Instead, may we truly notice the natural world, respect human diversity, remember and strive for all that is beautiful.


A buzzard drops down in front of the car, halted in country traffic, raises its huge, patterned  wings as it grabs a mouse in its beak then flaps across our windscreen, so close, and away…



Blog – Trump 20th January 2017