When you are no longer the fastest walking to and from the station
When it comes to the end of the week and all you want is a couple of pints
When a pension suddenly seems important
When a quiet pub is cosier than a noisy one
When you need solitude for sanity
When the love of a good woman is worth more than fifty nymphomaniacs
When a motorbike on the open road is like victory coursing through your veins
When over three hundred miles of pedalling is challenge enough
When live theatre feels like jumping from a plane
When you can just about bear to stand on the up escalator
When connections between everything in this world and out of it seem so much more real
When even ordering a bacon sandwich feels like taking a risk
When a Pelican crossing seems like a good idea
When just looking at a younger woman makes you feel dirty
When God his Spirit, his Son and his disciples may have something going for them
When in the end you know Buddha was right
When you find yourself wondering who first put the liquorice in tubes of powdered sherbert?

…and then, out of the blue, she brings one home to me.

50 years older is…